About Katrina

I work in all things earth---clay, plants (including their blooms), humans, farming, and food. I live in New York City, with land-based ties to Connecticut, North Carolina, the South Fork of Long Island, Millerton, NY, Vermont, and Santa Cruz, California. I studied pottery and Peace and Conflict studies with the Quakers+ in Greensboro, North Carolina, where I focused on praxis, wood fire, and transformation.

Six years tending and eating from urban farms with youth taught me inordinate patience and reverence for the power of a single leaf. I practice everyday magic and love to explore inner/outer space. After surviving the collapse of a barn at Rock Steady Farm and a traumatic brain injury, I am deeply involved in a healing journey.

I make plant medicine for caretakers and warriors. I love my communities and am dedicated to their radiance. From the second generation of Italians and Hungarians to occupy this land, I am dedicated to understanding my ancestry (including plantcestry) and it's complications here, now.