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 I believe small scale, ecological farming is the future.

All plants and farmers will grow with dignity.

After nine years of growing mostly food in farm fields and in containers on top of concrete, the flower fields won me over.

I studied Agroecology at UC Santa Cruz, and then spent a few years growing wholesale and retail flowers for Quail Hill Farm in Amagansett and Rock Steady Farm in Millerton, NY.

I now help New York State flower farmers grow and New York City florists design. My deepest passion is to connect the two. We are imagining how to create more efficient and ecological systems that center the needs of the people and the land!


Design Work



  • Flower Design + Healing Workshops

  • Garden + Farm Design and Consultation

  • Event Floral Design

  • Floral Business Administrative, Marketing, Sales, and Sustainability Support

  • Farmer to Florist Connections

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